ReelCycle Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,  engages in thought provoking cleanup and disposal programs which offer practical, real world sustainable solutions to preserve and restore the marine environment.    


Our Mission

ReelCycle aims to partner with and facilitate prosperous and sustainable cleanup and disposal programs among non-profit organizations, businesses, trade associations, individuals and governmental organizations.    This commitment leads to the conservation of our world's waterways and marine environment.  

our Team

Devin Sanderson, Founder and President

Whether he is fishing for snook and redfish along the mangroves or running 150 miles offshore in search of giant swordfish, it is clear what Devin was meant to do.  His love for fishing and the outdoors started as far back as he can remember and the more he fished, the more the passion/obsession grew within. Today, Devin strives to keep that resource he loves so much sustainable for future generations in founding ReelCycle.   His vision is simple, waste reduction and sound management practices for the fishing industry lead to an environmentally sustainable conservation of fishable waters.

Devin is a highly regarded and accomplished executive in the financial services industry.  He brings a wealth of experience in a fast paced investment banking environment providing financing solutions in both the debt and equity capital markets, including project identification, evaluation, and structuring of tax advantaged transactions as well as managing the performance of staff and funds to maximize investor benefits and company profitability.  Devin graduated from the University of South Florida, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

Board of Directors:

  • Andrew Hidalgo
  • Heather Schwartz Sanderson
  • Robert Yarish


  • Jake Jacobson - Marine Restoration Strategist
  • Robert Sanderson - Fisheries Biologist
  • W. Matt Tumulty - Project Manager